I GOT IT! #starcitizen

OMG I am so excited to tell you guys that I finally got my Vanduul helmet! It took 50 unique kills during the month of October. This is one of the first in game items that CIG made available to earn (not buy).

There were some people who “cheesed” it and got the mask via conga lines but I used the event to actually improve my PvP skill 😈.  Thank you all for helping with this event; especially those who died for the cause! Because of the event, I had the confidence to reach out to one of the best PVP pilots who is now giving me some tips and I have the honor of practicing with one of the best PvP teams. Right now, I am in the awkward stage of relearning how to fly and getting the technic down. I promise guys, I will get better! 

This is a hard adventure but this event has awoken a beast! I haven’t had this much fun in Star Citizen in a while. That’s the beauty of Star Citizen… it can be anything you desire!

I really hope to see more events like this in the future. I think it brings a lot to Star Citizen from boosting community moral to infinite game development “features”. Just one step closer to release!

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See you in the Verse!


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