Interview with Pico

Welcome Everyone this is Girl-In-Pigtails and today we have a special guest interview with the famous Pico the Penguin of Star Citizen. For those of you who don’t know … Pico the Penguin, adorable ambassador to New Babbage, loves carving powder on the snowy slopes of microTech and warming hearts across the galaxy.

GiP: Thank you Pico for joining us today, we are excited to chat with you. How have the slopes been?

Pico: Thank you for having me Pigtails. (laughs) the slopes have been knarley. It’s a good time of year on the powder.

GiP: So, Pico you have recently seen an increase in popularity… how did you become so viral?

Pico: It was quite by accident. I found myself in the throws of a series of viral tweets after killing the dreaded pirate RedLir… The funny thing is, I did not even kill him, that Muppet ran into an asteroid and killed himself. But you know how the rumor mill goes.

GiP: Speaking of RedLir and the WEEOO Nation, what are your thoughts on Gary?

Pico: I have total respect for Gary, not sure why all the salt. Maybe it is because of the RedLir incident, but peace & love man.

GiP: (laughs) you sound like you have a heart of gold… you also have a charity event going on right?

Pico: Absolutely, microtech has created a plushy of me with my snow board, and are selling it at NBIS. The proceeds are going to “Save the Space Whales Foundation.”

GiP: That is amazing, I heard the space whales are endangered. I hope your plushy raises much needed money. So, I have a few fan questions here: Pico, what is your favorite color?

Pico: Blue, of course.

GiP: What is your favorite food at NB?

Pico: I got to go with Whammer’s Veggie Wham with extra cheese.

GiP: Final question, what is your favorite ship?

Pico: That is a hard question but I think I will have to pick the Prowler because it’s a drop ship… and I love to drop onto the slops. A little know fact my mother’s uncle’s sister’s niece’s husband is a Tevarin. Gotta keep the bird word in the family!

GiP: Again, thank you for taking the time to talk with us. Can’t wait to see what other adventures you have in the future. Maybe a Pico/Gary snowboard session?

Pico: Absolutely, but Gary seems a little uncoordinated. Maybe some kiddie slopes first.

GiP: Thank you for joining me Pico; hope to see you on the slopes.

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