8 – Bit Salute Charity Drive

Tonight (June 11, 2020) @ 10 PM EST the CarbonTails team is doing a charity stream for OSD with the 76 Operators Team! Please join us for all of our antics, fun, and support of the troops! See the donation link below:

OSD (Outperform, Serve, and Deploy) Charity Drive

Though I met TheQue after his service in the US Army, he has talked about his time in service with reverence; the support the troops packages that he personally received is something he has often talked about. Though the scope of OSD is not limited to care packages for the troops, it is a fundamentally important task. Our men and women who are serving overseas are doing so at a young age in general and often it is their first time away from home and their families. These courageous men and women all volunteered to serve their country, and upon entering service they do not get to choose where they are deployed or for how long. They are often scared and alone, aside from the brothers and sisters in arms next to them. Care packages are vital to their moral and mental health; letting them know we are thinking of them at home and that we do care about their wellbeing.

Please join us at the CarbonTails Twitch channel in supporting our troops. This is not support of any political agenda or any specific engagement the US is actively engaged in. This is to support the men and women, who do not have a choice as to where they are sent, of our Armed Forces. These brave men and women need to know their sacrifices are noted and appreciated, regardless of any given administration or conflict they may be under.

As a sign of our commitment to this cause, the CarbonTails team will be matching all donations up to $1000 using the funds so graciously donated to our streaming channel in the month of June.

OSD (Outperform, Serve, and Deploy) Charity Drive

About OSD (Outperform, Serve, and Deploy):

OSD Home Page

Enabling Veterans to Thrive through Community Engagement

Since 2010, OSD’s Veteran Support Ecosystem has impacted over 1,000,000 veterans, active military and family members through award-winning programs emphasizing Social Connectivity, Professional Development and Community Service.

Social Connectivity:

Working together with our fellow community members OSD creates and nurtures an environment with the goal to improve our local communities and assist veterans as they transition to civilian life. OSD’s award winning programs include:

  • Supply Drops™️
  • Games to Grunts™️
  • Heroes Gone Wild™️
  • Boots to Books™️
  • 8-Bit Salute
  • Heroic Forces™️
  • xPVN
  • Task Force Java™️
  • … and more!

Professional Development:

OSD is uniquely positioned to support veterans one of the greatest challenges faced by today’s military: Transitioning from Active Duty to Civilian Life. OSD’s Ecosystem allows veterans and their community to connect with one another with the right resources to ensure successful integration. To provide for additional professional development OSD incorporates, but not limited to, the following programs:

  • Development & Skill Share Workshops
  • Entrepreneur Mentorship
  • Corporate Networking
  • Boots to Books™

Community Service:

The call to service doesn’t end when you hang up your uniform. OSD understands this call and this drive.  Linking our members with local community initiatives, OSD has partners around the United States to allow veterans and service members to answer a new call to service, while getting to know the members of their new communities.

  • Community Service & Collaboration
  • Fellowship Program


About 76 Operators:

76 Operators is a military and veteran support community.

We fight together, we work together and we play together.

We support each other and welcome the broader community, united in addressing and solving mental health challenges.


Thank you so much for all of your support and we hope to see you tonight!


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