Level Cap Accomplished!

You know what they say… when opportunity knocks… have your bags packed and bust the door open! 

For premium members, we got access to the new DLC a week before it was released to the general population. Also, during that time a double XP bonus happened. Thanks DICE. My crew and I took total advantage. We had a new level cap goal as well as new class ranks. Level at 110 and rank 50 on classes. We knew eventually a double XP was going to happen so, we saved all of our squad boost (AKA- battle boost). It paid off for a lot of us in ranking up fast. Another trick Que and I did was take our guns and get them close to a service start (1 or 2 kills away). Stir, add, and mix all ingredients with maps we knew and PTFO mindset: bake at 350 for 20min. You get a devils food cake of XP. Take that! Yummy 

– girl in pigtails  

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