We’re all a little weird…

And life’s a little weird.

And when we find someone

Whose weirdness is compatible

To ours, we join up with them

All fall into mutual weirdness

And call it


I am proud to say that I have just married my love, my light, and my best friend! I am now Mrs. lindsay nicole tayse… and we will walk in weirdness together. I will say that I am one unique gal… and decided to do the big day my own way…

We decided to take this simple and was married by a justice of the peace with a few close friends to witness. My big dream ceremony will be back in Cali at… wait for it… Disneyland! There are packages that incorporate everything for the special day and literally we just have to show up. They include everything from the location, flowers, music, food and the cake! Pretty cool right?! We need to plan and save for this but for now… our little court house wedding was great! The guy who married us looked like Las Vegas Elvis and sounded like a preacher… it was awesome! The room we were in looked like an old chapel fully carpeted with pews. We were the last marriage for the day which allowed us to take some pics with the groupies. This followed with more pictures across the street from the court house at the original court house which look classic and charming. The one thing I love about living out here is the buildings and structures are so timeless. There is so much history out here that is persevered and is great for picture ops.


-girl in pigtails

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