Back to Healthy

So, the HTB (Hubby to be) and I are getting back to good health. We’ve had a long journey to a healthy lifestyle and always fell short. Each year we start a diet/exercise plan then, the holidays come and mess it all up. OK, it’s not the holidays fault but they sure do make it easy to sideline the plan. Not this year! After moving to Maryland, Ray went to the doctor and ended up discovering the harsh reality of obesity and the health issues because of it. Doctor’s orders were clear: diet and exercise. So, we jumped onto a program we know works… P90X! We are in the middle of week 9; which is incredible since we never actually finished a full 90 days (stupid holiday temptation). Ray has lost about 7lbs so far and I’m trying get back in shape and toned. I want to try and run a half marathon by next summer. This time we feel completely committed! Partially, because of the Doctor’s accountability and from years of trail and error. We have done a lot of different programs and diets (if you read the blog… you know).
We now know the secret to health:
1)the best workout is the one you will do…(try everything and anything)
2)calorie count… (no cheating)
3)have motivation… (you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink).

– girl in pigtails

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