Let’s bring a little love into the world!

At my Starbucks, we decided  to decorate  for valentine’s day. My team and I thought  it would be fun to write down our definitions of love… of course  we left it anonymous; some where beautifully written and others where just flat out funny. So, we decided to ask our customers to put down their ideas and thoughts. In just an hour our main window was full of love! The funniest was a 10 year old boy who wrote “love is… snowing”. An older lady said “love is…grand-babies”. My other favorite…”love is… unconditional with a fluffy tail and a wet nose”. Someone else said “love is… Hershey bars”
There are a lot of messed  up things in the world but love is… awesome!
-girl in pigtails




I can’t wait for the next few days to get more answers!

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