Oh Hello!?

Hi blog world… it’s girl in pigtails. I know it has been a while (cough… too long!). I guess I should start by saying HAPPY THANKS…B-L-A-C-K… friday! Umm yeah ok it has been a while. But what doesn’t kill you (you get the point).

So, I am at the half way point with my MBA. (yay) This has my full attention right now and I just want to power through and knock it out! I am starting to realize more and more that I might have a nack for project management. As a Starbucks Manager, there is a ton of projects to manage. My BA degree gave me the foundation for business administration but the MBA is inspiring me to think of how to be a better manager.

Work is like a hurricane of goodness. Overall, I finally have a full staff. There were a few months there were it was me +2. Thanks to my girls, we survived. We have our ups and downs but Team Starbucks continues to crush last year sales.

Mr. Awesome Boyfriend has found a few new hobbies while I stay focused on work and school. He still is on his weight loss mission. I am just maintaining at this point. We terminated our gym membership in order to start cycling. The weight lifting period was great! I built muscle and gained so much strength but after about 130 days. It was time for a change. The weightlifting also took up a lot of time about 3-4 hrs a day. I needed more time for homework. We found cycling to be a great low impact cardio sport. Boyfriend is still trying to lose about 25lbs. These bikes are fun and I get to wear cute outfits.

Boyfriend also found a new game which was the inspiration for the new workout… Ingress. You play an agent and capture portals for your team. The portals are real life statues, landmarks, signs, etc. In other words it is a virtual capture the flag with real life coordinates. It is made by Google and it is FREE! Just make sure to have a battery or portable charger… oh and a good pair of shoes. These portals are also most of the time in a place that you have to walk or bike too. Hence, the new workout program. We walk and bike more than drive a car now. But, it is working Boyfriend has lost about 5lbs. It all comes down to the delicate balance of food intake and energy output.

So, what do I do to stay healthy… I ingress!

There are a few more posts about surfaces, birdies, princesses, dragons, and Santa.


Stay tuned…

-girl in pigtails

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