Yes… I (Hair) Do!

I want to say that I have found the best hair artist ever! Tara at Victoria ‘ s hair and salon in Danville. She took a great deal of care and time to give me a new doo. I pretty much walked in a hot mess with no style or shape (and home cut bangs). I asked her to fix me up but not to go too short. She pulled this look out with happy confidence. Plus, she said bang trims are free after a visit and that I have no excuse to DIY. 🙂 I realized how amazing she was after a 45 min eliptical workout. Below is a pic of my new hair style post workout and it still looks amazing!


And… yes we are back to the gym after about a three month sebaticle. Mr.Awesome Boyfriend was hurt and took a few months to recover. I just finished my 3rd and 4th classes for my MBA. I kicked butt and start the next set in a few days.
Live long and stay pretty!
-girl in pigtails

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