Why did the chicken cross the road?

Answer: to become delicious

This chicken dinner is my new favorite!  It may be a little pricey but you pay for deliciousness and convenience. You can find the stuffed jalapeño cheese and bacon chicken at your friendly Danville Safeway in the premium meat counter. Prep your over at 375 degrees then, cook your awesome chicken on a cookie sheet for 25min on the middle rack. It comes out perfect plus I use a reusable pan liner so there is no mess or sticking to the pan. The best part of the chicken is the cheesy inside.  I love my cheese! It is about a medium spicy level so, if you are scared at the sight of hot sauce you may want to try the chicken cordon blue. It is just as tasty.  The chickens don’t look big but I was stuffed after I ate one.



I wash a medium size sweet potato with just water and brush.  Then, I wrap the potato in a sheet or two of paper towel. About 10min before the chicken is done, I microwave the potato for about 6-8min depending on the size. Cut into half to split with two people and cut into cubes. I used a little butter, fresh ground salt and pepper and voilà yummy potato! 
I bought a Safeway pre-made cobb salad and just tossed in a big bowl and (yup) split between two people.
A nice merlot went great with the chicken dinner. Rutherford Merlot 2013 also found at Safeway. 


Wine and dine (at home)
-girl in pigtails

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