I have moved on…

I have moved on to the big boy weights! Mr. Awesome Boyfriend and I are starting a strength building routine called StrongLifts 5×5. You go to the gym every other day. One day you do 5 sets of squats, bench and row. Then, the next day you do 5 sets of squat and press AND 1 set of deadlift. Each set should be 5 times… hence the 5 by 5 workout name. LoL Everytime you lift add a little more weight.  This program is the best strength workout EVER! If you are a woman who feels like doing weights will turn you into she-hulk … think again! You will get strong but not look like a body builder… you need to eat a lot of protein to get that big or use steroids (which is NEVER a good idea). I will post more articles and reviews soon…
-girl in pigtails

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