My Next Adventure!

I am now going to start improving my reading speed and comprehension! A lot of people are slow readers and spend a lot of time using old reading skills they acquired during grade school. Most people have bad reading habits too that slow the reading process. I read with a “voice” in my head; which means I read word for word. This would cause me to get board and have to re-read material. In all honesty, I never grew up liking to read or spell. It wasn’t until high school when I started reading books for fun. I believe I have found a program that will help A LOT! It is called 7 Speed Reading which is a program designed to break old habits and triple your reading and comprehension. Once downloaded, there are a few videos to watch that will explain why reading speed is important, the habits that slow your reading speed, etc. Then, you start with the eye warm-ups; yes your eyes are like any muscle they need stretching too! The instructor advices to only complete one lesson at a time. He is right; I completed my first lesson and my eyes feel like they ran a marathon! I am excited to see how much I improve. By having higher reading skills and mad typing skills, my homework for school won’t be so daunting!

Reading skills activate!

-girl in pigtails

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