Krav Maga Anyone?

It is the start of week 5, on the new exercise life style (not program), and I am totally in love with 24 Hour Fitness! I have already lost 3 pounds and gained some serious muscle. I am excited to see what my body is capable of accomplishing. So far, on the weight machines, I am using about 40-50 pounds of weight. However, my leg press is kicking butt at 90 pounds. I can only keep going up from here. Some of you might wonder if I will start to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger… I wondered the same thing. Doing some research and talking to a few trainers, I found out that weights won’t turn you into a body builder (especially females) over night. It takes A LOT of workout time, nutrition (mainly protein) and dedication. Female bodies don’t get bulky without hard work. So, ladies a little weight training is not just for the boys! I like using the weight machines because I know my posture is right. Some people like doing free weights but I know I am not comfortable using them… yet. ;-D

Talking to Mr. Awesome Boyfriend, we want to do Krav Maga classes; once we are in shape. This is the official self-defense system of the Israeli Military. Krav Maga is a no-nonsense realistic approach to personal safety. It is based on rapid responses that are simple but effective for realistic situations. They do have different levels just like other martial arts. I would of course start at the beginner!

Where is Krav Maga taught? Well, there happens to be a class in Dublin at the Combat Sports Academy. There is even a two week free trail! Reviews on Yelp highly recommend this place. The instructors are bad-to-the bone and highly qualified; there are female instructors too! They also do more training in other fighting techniques and martial arts.

I am super pumped!

-girl in pigtails

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