Molting Birdy!

Once a year, canary birds molt which basically means they shed some of their feathers. It is kind of like when a dog or cat sheds their coat; for summer or winter. Since, we have a red factor canary, her feathers can become a deeper red-ish color but only if she eats certain foods. Doing some research, we bought some red food that we sprinkle on her treats and daily seeds that promote her color. We also found out that kale and carrots helps promote the color in red factor canary’s too! During this time, the birds are very sensitive to illness and emotionally. I would too if I knew I was loosing my hair! So, we have been putting her bath out everyday just so she has an option. She LOVES her bath and I think it makes her feel good to be clean… I know I do! LOL  I am super cleaning her cage as well and making sure she has plenty of food and water. We will see in a few weeks if she gets any red-er.

-girl in pigtails 

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