No More Dull Salad!

In the pursuit of trying to eat healthier, I have been eating a salad every day with dinner. I am a ranch dressing lover but the calories are not very forgiving. So, I found some new dressings that all have under 90 cal for 2 tablespoons.



Hidden Valley is awesome although I may be totally biased because they carry my favorite ranch! These are pretty good too: the Italian with Herbs has a very nice fresh flavor that you would find in most Italian dishes. This I would put on a spring mix salad with rotisserie chicken, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and cucumbers. The Pomegranate vinaigrette is sweet but very light in taste. I would maybe have this more at lunch time or a late night snack with some mixed greens and maybe some nuts.



I have never tried Ken’s Steak House dressings until now. THEY ARE AMAZING! So far, I give them my ultimate stamp of fork approval! The Caesar Lite tastes SO fresh it is almost sinful how good it is. For obvious reasons, a chicken Caesar salad with some parmesan cheese. The Raspberry
Walnut Vinaigrette is so sweet and delish! I think this would go really good with turkey or chicken and a few fresh vegies.

 20130319_192142 20130319_192152


Last but not least is the Asian Sesame Ginger by Open Nature (a Safeway brand). This has jaw dropping good taste! It has a yummy pineapple, ginger and sesame flavor that would go great with chicken. This dressing is the lowest in cal for 2 tablespoons it’s 35 cal. This can also be used for a marinade.


I pick all these up at Safeway. If you need low calorie dressing, I highly recommend all of these!
Happy Dressing + Happy Salad = Happy YOU
-girl in pigtails

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