It will be a Rice Rocket!

So, my little Mazda MX-5 roadster is about to become the Pigtails Rice Rocket. We have officially worked out a deal with TDR out of Florida ( to purchase one of their first TDR2 turbocharger packages. The package we have chosen will include the following:
GTX2863 Turbo
Tial .86 Housing
Tial MVS 38mm Wastegate
Tial QRS BoV
All Hoses and Tubes
All fittings for Oil and Coolant
650cc Bosh Injectors
Swaintech Coating for Down-Pipe
Lava Jacket for Turbine Housing
Battery Relocation Kit
TDR ECU Tune and ECUTech License

Plus, the following kit to have a quick conversion back to stock to pass California Smog:
Mini CAI
4AN to 8AN bypass fitting (Used to bypass the turbo so you do not have to drain the oil)
3/8 barb connector (Used to join the two coolant hoses from the turbo)

Finally, we have ordered an upgraded exhaust to allow the turbo to breath at its full potential:
Enthuza 3” midpipe with steel cat and resonator
Enthusa 3” dual racer exhaust

We technically have been on the list for the TDR2 for a few weeks while Jay from TDR has been finalizing and testing the design. However, we have officially placed the 50% down payment as of today. As usual, I will post updates to include the installation as well as Dyno charts pre and post installation. We are looking to get 300+ Wheel Horsepower from this kit. ;-D

After the turbo kit, the last modifications would be the suspension, clutch and flywheel. My little rocket will be able to race and hold it’s own! I plan on taking driving classes because the last thing I want to do is have the boost of power and not use it correctly (then crash)… oh noos!

GO Rice Rocket!

-girl in pigtails  


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