Dare to Race?

On occasion, I like to play video games. Mr. Awesome Boyfriend and I just got three new games that are pretty cool: The Elder Scrolls V SKYRIM, LEGO The Lord of the Rings, and Gran Turismo 5 The Real Driving Simulator. So far, Gran Turismo 5 has my full attention because it is the coolest racing game ever!
We have played Dirt 3 and Need for Speed SHIFT but both were easy to lose my attention. What is nice about Gran Turismo 5, is that there are so many types to driving skills, courses, cars and classes to play. You can race on a perfect track or rally race in snow. This game also teaches the basic skills needed for a real world adventure; like following the race line and how to go in and out of a tight corner. I really think this will help my driving skills in real life. Plus, I like finding out my limits without going to the hospital or the junk yard.
To make our racing games more lively, we bought a Logitech driving force GT steering wheel and pedals. They are so much fun to use but we always had to attach the wheel to the coffee table and sit on the floor. This was not comfortable and I felt like I was cruising in a low rider instead of becoming the next STIG. Mr. Awesome Boyfriend found a few racing set ups online but they where too expensive for my taste. Then, we discovered a few people who made their own stands from PVC pipes. DIY jobs are awesome and most of the time way cheaper and fun to work on. We got a design figured out and headed to Home Depot.

For about $135 and a few hours of work, we made the ultimate racing set up! It is very stable, looks cool, and can be disassembled for storage.
It makes the racing game come to life! I feel very comfortable and I think I drive (play) better than sitting on the floor.

It pays to think outside the box!
-girl in pigtails



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