My Driving Shoes!

I am so excited! I got some driving shoes… and yes they are purple. LOL I noticed a few of my Mazda friends had Puma shoes when they were driving. I thought that it was a great idea! I have been wearing either Nike running shoes or flip flops and they are just not good driving shoes. The Nike shoes are made for arch support and physical activity. When driving, they hurt my feet and I found them to be very hot. The flip flops are great for late night burger trips but not good for long drives. I find them to very breathable but unstable. When we were at Macy’s for the Chinese new year parade, I found the elite driving shoes… purple Puma’s! They are super comfy, light weight, and very breathable. They were also on sale! The sole is awesome to because they have super grip; I don’t feel like my foot will “accidentally” slip off my pedals.

They are so worth it!

-girl in pigtails

driving shoes 2

driving shoes 1

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