Are you PHO real?

I have come across two awesome Pho eateries. One is Saigon City in pleasanton off of rosewood Dr. I had the wonton with rice noodles. It was excellent; not greasy at all! The broth is wonderfully fresh and flavorful. The small is a lot of food. I also tried a salty plum soda; which was not bad. ;-D There are real plum chunks on the bottom. The prices were great for the large portions. I highly recommend it! It is a large family owned restaurant but nothing fancy. The service was very fast but make sure you get the right order. Ours was confused with the table next to us.
Another good Pho place is in Dublin at Hacienda Crossing called Pho Asian Bistro. It is a very nice place for lunch or dinner. The decor is fantastic. Again, the portion is big; so I usually get the small. The food is wonderfully fresh. I like the chicken pho with veggies. This place is a little more expensive but it pays in atmosphere.
I want my P-H-O…
-girl in pigtails

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