I Feel the Need… the Need for Speed!

I am so excited to talk about my awesome mode of transportation… my 2006 Mazda Miata MX5. She is gorgeous with a black soft top and marble white paint. Thanks to the Internet, this gem was found close by and only had 12,000 miles! The original owners only used the car during vacation. This car is practically new (in car years). There was just one condition: I had to learn how to drive a manual! It took about 3 weeks and a few stalls to get the hang of it. I’m still learning a few tricks but I can now get to work with ease.

This is my first car (that I have purchased) and I have a dream. My goal is to totally make it personal and awesome looking. Mr. Awesome Boyfriend is helping me with all the new modifications. We first washed it from head to toe and made it shine. We used a self serve car wash and brought the Dawn! Really, we used Dawn dish soap. If it can clean animals after an oil spill, it can clean a dusty car. We used Wipe New for all the black plastic pieces like the grill, mirror frame, dash, and antenna. That product was magical and made the car look factory new. For the soft top, we used 303 Fabric/Vinyl convertible top cleaner and 303 Aerospace Protectant. These products made the soft top go from a dingy grey to fabulous black. If you are debating about getting those shammy’s or microfiber towels – DO IT! Regular towels leave lint and don’t absorb as well.

20121221_155124  20130106_182502 20130131_001250

To personalize my dream car, I got a personalized license plate to start- PIGTALS… now everyone will know the girl in pigtails ;-D. It was super easy to get online and was about $30. Besides the normal upgrades like brakes, tires, suspension… I wanted the cool factor. Again, love the internet, we were able to find super easy mods. The shifter knob was changed from stock option to a cool purple marble. The valve stem covers where found online… I got two sets. One is a metallic purple for every day and the other is chrome with purple crystals for when I want to “WOW”. If you can’t tell already, my car is going to be kissed with purple. Mr. Awesome Boyfriend found purple metallic lug nuts for the tires. I also made the decision to upgrade the radio and speakers. I needed something that would connect to my phone via bluetooth and have a hands free mic. I also wanted the display screen to be as close the purple as it could get…the JVC unit (JVC KDX50BT)… was the one for me! It also has the coolest option. You can set a daytime color and a night time color and it switches when you turn on the head lights. So, I have a purple display for daytime and a blue for night. The sound of stock speakers always sounds muffled so, we went with (Polk db 1001 and Polk db 571).

20130119_181351      20121204_163118

The next change up was the fire orange red LED’s used for the dash dials and environment controls. Bluegages.com is a small business based out of the East Coast. He was able to change out the lights to a cool blue color. I know, I tried to get purple but apparently there is only Ultraviolet available. That would not have been seen very well. However, blue is way better than orange in my opinion. 😀


Mr. Awesome Boyfriend did a lot of research and found that the company logos can be taken off with hot heat and fine thread. De-badged it was but I wasn’t going to leave the car naked. Mr. Awesome Boyfriend found purple metallic paint by Dupi-Color. We also modified the symbol to make it look like pigtails.

20130108_204042    20130108_130318

20130112_154808    20130112_154744

On a few web sites, we found a lot of chrome attachments for the Mazda. You guessed it… they will be purplized! The paint takes about a week to set and then a good polishing will bring them to a beautiful shine. I’m using Meguiars Ultimate Compound. Just watch a few ‘youtube’ videos and you will understand. This stuff is amazing and easy to use!

20130131_001230   purple parts

I am super excited to continue on this project and I will keep you posted with all the latest and greatest!

Zoom Zoom!

-girl in pigtails

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