Want to try something that will give you the best body of your life? Try Shaun T’s Insanity workout program! For those of you that know, I did P90X! In P90X, there is a lot of commitment, energy and equipment needed. P90X helped me build muscles that have never been seen before. Then, everything just seemed to plateau. Mr. Boyfriend suggested INSANITY but I was hesitant. It was a lot of jumping and high impact that would not be good for an old knee injury. Back in high school, I was on the track and cross country team. My body was conditioned to have lots of endurance but I never felt like I had pure power. I was up late one night and saw a commercial for the INSANITY program. I started to notice that most of what they where doing was a mixture of plyometrics and cardio. It was the same exercises I did when running. I thought I might like the program a little more because my body was already conditioned for that type of exercise. Then, come to find out the program is only 60 days compared to P90X which is 90 days. I thought, well heck yeah 60 days is not that bad! The icing on the cake, there is no equipment needed! My advice, get a big water bottle and a towel; you are going to need it. 😉 The first week was super hard! However, the first week on any new program is going to kick your butt. Don’t give up! Take breaks when needed and press play every day. It is you against your body: you can always strive to do one more! After the first week, I noticed all my muscles looking tighter and firmer. This program will make you sore! So, drink lots of water, eat a lot of good protein (to repair the muscles), properly stretch, and eat bananas (helps the soreness). Ibuprofen doesn’t hurt either but take it with food.

Week two is under way! I will keep you guys posted…

Let’s do this!… B-)

-Girl in Pigtails

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