Everyday Hot Coco!

I posted a blog about the best hot chocolate ever! Well, I now have a fabulous everyday recipe. I was inspired by the Safeway O Organics hot coco mix.

What you will need:

3 cups of whole milk

1 cup half and half

2-3 cups hot coco mix

3 tablespoons of corn starch

6 medium size marshmallows


Pour milk and half and half into a saucepan and slowly heat up on a medium setting. Slowly stir in the hot coco mix with a whisk. When the hot chocolate is nice and hot stir in the corn starch and whisk fast. Pour into your favorite mug and add the marshmallows!

Tada… yummy hot chocolate! This hot chocolate is not too sweet or too rich. You can drink at least two cups without feeling like you drank Willy Wonka’s chocolate waterfall.

For Adults:

Add 2-4 tablespoons of Baileys Irish Cream and this will be sensational!


-Girl in Pigtails

hot coco


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