Let’s Get Ready to S-A-M-P-L-E!

My biggest news this week, is not my awesome hot chocolate recipe. Oh no, I was chosen to be at a Grand Store Opening for Safeway this weekend! The new store is in Pleasanton, off of Bernal Ave and 680N. My assignment for the next few days, will be to hand out yummy food samples to the brand new customers. Besides free food, there will be great deals for shoppers and new experiences that some stores don’t have. This store is supposed to have a full size Starbucks, who can say no to that? Also, the deli has their own seating area :-)! I’m excited to share my recipes and talk to everyone, so come see me! Friday and Saturday I will be there pretty much all day, to find me; I will have my signature pigtails!

So Excited!

-Girl in Pigtails

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