Halloween month was awesome! We went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom with our friends. We started off dressed up and our group consisted of a musketeer, a robed guy, a soccer star, and a deviled egg. We arrived to a long line and a massive heat wave. We made it through the metal detector and then we got the terrible news… “you guys can’t come in the park with costumes unless your under 12”. So with a few discouraging thoughts… we went back to the car and thankfully we brought extra clothes. So once again, we get up to the metal detectors and get to the entrance gates and then… we find out one of our friends lost their pre-printed ticket. About 20 minutes later, we finally made it in the park. Then the awesomeness started! Six flags had 6 haunted houses and many mini shows. The park was decked out in ghoulish themes and the employees where in zombie costumes. By the time 8 o’clock came around, we were stuffed with fair food and had adrenaline running through our bodies. The final show was a sweet rocky horror picture show tribute! The only bad part was that we got kicked out for being festive: we are so going to Disney Land next year and NOT getting kicked out for wearing costumes! On Halloween, the cutest costume was a little 1 year old girl, dressed up like a cup cake; hat and all! Can you say adorable?

November 1st marked the end of my first three classes at Grantham University. It was a fast 8 weeks but I finished strong with all A’s. I hate to toot my own horn, but TOOT TOOT! 🙂 This has been a great experience so far! The professors are wonderful and I love that I don’t have to worry about requesting days off of work to go into class. My next classes are Consumer Behavior and Business & Society. To celebrate, I’m having a big sunday at TCBY!

Also, Thanksgiving Day is right around the corner and Safeway is prepared! A few of my new obsessions are: fuji apples (they are extremely sweet and juicy), tiramisu cake from the bakery (so light and fluffy delicious) and Starbucks hot chocolate (there are 3 different kinds: regular, mint, and salted caramel- FYI ask for them stirred!). Another side note, we are opening a new store in Pleasanton… I have been asked to go there and pass out samples! Stop by and see me…

– Girl in Pigtails

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